About my last year..

last year I played with the tought of getting more deeply into the field of technology (my second passion after photography) and decided to study cyber security as a bachelor of science. (I hate math.) short after breaking into it, I started to meet new friends which are sharing this passion and we decided to create a discord space for us and to walk together in our studies. Oh and for 4 weeks I joined the Piscine of 42Wolfsburg to look into Peer Reviews and C coding.

I'm a curious and tech-nerd Cyber Security student. I started building computers and tinkering with technology at a young age, even venturing into some not entirely legal activities, simply because I wanted to explore what was possible. Sometimes thinking a way Outside-the-Box is critical. I'm a self-learner, creative thinker, and problem-solver.

I find the field of Cyber Security incredibly exciting, particularly red teaming, which involves penetration testing and gathering information. I have a deep passion for technology and embracing new advancements. I enjoy exploring VR and AR experiences. I have experience working with operating systems from Apple, Microsoft, and Linux. I regularly use tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, always seeking to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Creating things and working on projects brings me joy. In my Cyber Security studies at IU International University of Applied Science, I'm acquiring a solid foundation, covering programming languages and specialized areas such as forensics, penetration testing, and data privacy. I really like Python and learning Java.

Cert Roadmap

✅ Google IT Support | August 2022

✅ PNPT | Practical Network Penetration Tester | November 2022

✅ eJPT | eLearning Junior Penetration Tester | December 2022

✅ CPT | Certified Penetration Tester | Januar 2023

✅ ITF+ | CompTIA ITF+ | Mai 2023

✅ CRTO | Certified Red Team Operator | June 2023


Bachelor of Science Cyber Security 2025

minor certificates from Google, IBM, Cisco, TryHackMe, TCM Academy, etc.


Cobalt Strike, Nmap, Nessus, Hashcat, JohnTheRipper, Metasploit, Kali Linux, Windows, Mac, Burpsuite, OWASP Zap, VMs, Bash, Python, VBA, Go, DeHashed, Active Directory, Responder, Ldap, NTLM, Bloodhound, crackmapexec, Hashes, Kerberoasting, Mimikatz, Assetfinder, Amass, Httprobe, SqlMap, OpenVas, WPScan, TCPDump, PowerShell, Pass the Ticket, PsExec, EvilWinRM, Cracking and Password Spraying, Phishing Campaigns, Password Policy, Open-Source Intelligence, Information Gathering Tools, Maltego, TheHarvester, TinyEye, Sublist3r, Nikto, Hydra and much more.. (to come).