who am I?

passionate, weird, introvert, awkward, implosive

there are so many thoughts and ideas in my head from the beginning of my life, that it is not easy to stay focused and concentrate on one thing only. I got a adhd diagnoses with the age of 31, it changed my life and the way I think about me. (this explains all, literally everything.)

i'am an introvert, weird and springy person, creative but there is absolut mess and chaos at the same time in my head. there were so many things I was passionate about in the last 15 years, which were fulfilling for my inner soul. its all about to be creative (to think outside the box), solving problems, helping others, loving sad films and music because it touches my heart and drives my passion. creating things, support others, technology and photography is constant in my life - like a red line from the beginning. I touched so many things and ideas that I can't count them all. (how the hell are there persons who not thinking permanently in an inner dialogue?)

music is what drives me, helps me to stay more focused and to get emotional attached to things. hearing songs while I'm editing photos of my lovely wedding couples gets me right back into the scene.

my words for you

  • follow your passion (yeah Steve Jobs was right)
  • dig a little deeper
  • think outside the box and step the extra mile
  • don't give up, it will get better. (really)

btw.. what you may don't know about me..

  • a decade ago I started two event agencies (one with my brother) and organised electro and techno parties with thousands of guests from all over Germany, thanks for being awesome. (a rare video below)
  • I worked at international horse tournaments around the globe, some years in public relations, some years as a camera operator for livestreams and television.
  • I started my photography career as an event photographer for tilllate and virtual nights.
  • I started a website and tech startup a decade ago
  • I photographed commercials for tourism
  • I made it through a "Ausbildung als Veranstaltungskaufmann" in Lübeck.
  • I hate school.
  • I love strategy and branding.
  • I love cooking asian food, people and culture.
  • I love food!
  • I want to help people
  • I won multiple awards for my photography.
  • I owned 4 Leicas. (and I missing them.)
  • I really, really love music, film music, classic, orchestra, violins. and yeah also rock, techno, electro and so much more.
  • Supernatural, Stranger Things, Super8 - this is my retro vibe.. :>


I've always wanted to learn everything about all kinds of technology, solving problems, finding solutions where others stop. Not accepting when someone says it can't be done, not accepting the status quo, not taking anything for granted. It's okay to be a nerd.

a brain dump

from computer, software to hardware, from technology to support, from creating to create tools, from websites to servers, from Wordpress to webflow, from seo to marketing, from amazon fba to multichannel marketing, from photography to videography, from passion to art, from hacking to cyber security, from google to ai, from cameras to drones, tbc, from events to coding.